Causes of Halitosis – Vacaville, CA

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Halitosis or better known as bad breath caused by foods stuck between teeth, the decay of food particles, dry mouth, smoking and poor oral hygiene.  We at Bosler Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry provide Halitosis treatment that can help patients overcome Halitosis.

Halitosis Treatment

What causes Halitosis?

  • Food particles

Food is the primary source of bad breath (like garlic, spices, cheese, acidic beverages) can leave a strong smell. Foods that are stuck in the teeth and tongue promoting the growth of plaque and bacteria which causes bad breath.  Some foods particles can even cause acids to develop that can little by little cause damage to the teeth.

  • Dry mouth

Saliva can help in naturally removing foods debris and clean the mouth. Less saliva means less food being washed out and bacteria are being built up quicker. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water, chewing on sugarless gum, and eating fruits that are rich in water to stimulate saliva.

  • Poor oral hygiene

Without the aid of proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing food particles, bacteria will build up around the teeth and enter the gums. Foods will also break down producing a bad odor on the mouth. Poor oral hygiene also means poor cleaning of an oral appliance, the foods that are trap inside the oral appliance develop to plaque bacterias that cause bad breath.

  • Medical condition

Medications for allergies and triamterene (Dyrenium) and paraldehyde can cause dry mouth; there are also other conditions that affect the stomach lining and intestines which can also be linked to bad breath.

  • Morning Breath

Bad breath in the morning is a common issue; Mouth becomes dry overnight as the saliva production nearly stops that allow bacteria to grow.

  • Bad Habits such as smoking and drinking

Tobacco and Alcohol can contribute to dry mouth, and often leaves a bad smell, discolors teeth, reduces the sense of taste and gum disease.

  • Poor fitting of Dentures

Loose dentures can irritate the gums and lead to mouth sores, disease, and infection and can result in bad breath.

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