How Halitosis Affects Lives – Vacaville, CA

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The culprit of failed job interviews, first meeting with your boss, dinner dates, friendships; it’s the most effective social repellent – Halitosis. It is commonly known as bad breath and might be the reason why you are always alone during the 14th of February.

Just like your favorite ninja when you are little, the condition is silent but deadly – to the noses around you. Unfortunately, one cannot smell their own breath because of the fact that people are often accustomed to their scent for a long time. Accept it; you are not the best judge for your breath. Lucky enough if you have a reliable, trustworthy best friend who would tap your shoulder and whisper “your breath stinks” in your ears.

Nevertheless, if you are not fortunate, you can try cupping your hands in your mouth and smell your breath – but sorry, it won’t work. Don’t despair. How about licking the back of either your hand or wrist and sniff it after 10 seconds? If you don’t smell anything, that’s good! But if you do, we at Bosler Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry can help. Our Halitosis Treatment is all that you need.




Halitosis: A Social Curse

Those who are suffering from the condition are prone to self-consciousness and poor self-esteem, making them limit their social interactions and connections with peers. Due to their insecurities, for instance, they tend to refuse approaching others. According to the study made by the Breath Odour Clinic, over 75% of patients sought halitosis treatment due to low self-esteem and insecurity. Chances are, when you have bad breath you may end up avoiding social situations and feeling depressed, lonely, or anxious.

Moreover, halitosis can also impact the career lives of people. Imagine having group meetings with your colleagues and your big boss, you sense that nobody wants to sit with you during those meetings or if they sit with you, they began to cover their nose or look the other way because of your stinky breath. Your colleagues or your big boss may get the idea that you have awful dental habits and it can cause a negative impact on you.

Don’t just rely on gums and mints. They are only a band-aid solution. Make a difference by focusing on your oral health. Brush, floss, and mouth rinse regularly. You might as well visit the dentist twice yearly.


If you want to own a fresh, healthy smile and breath, then Bosler Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry is here for you. Check out our Halitosis Treatment in Vacaville, CA! You can visit us at 301 Alamo Drive, Suite A-2, Vacaville, CA 95688.