Reasons Why Is It Unnecessary to Feel Scared of Dental Implants – Vacaville, CA

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There is no question about why dental implants became a popular choice for people who have missing teeth. They gained a positive reputation by being a life-like and long-lasting restoration that most people are in favor with. The key to the success of dental implants lies to the material that is surgically placed on the jawbone – titanium. Out of all the metals used, only titanium became the most promising choice for the procedure.

Patients who avail of implants are more likely to experience the fortunate side effect it has to offer – osseointegration. It is the occurrence of a natural fusion between the titanium implant and the bone. Compared to other restoration options, there is no need to shave off any healthy structures. Rather, the prostheses are attached on the post itself instead of adjacent teeth. Despite all these, some patients remain uncertain about the said procedure.


Dental Implant


We at Bosler Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry want our patients to understand that leaving gaps in the mouth untreated may lead to the development of other complications that can get worse. With that being said, we offer dental implants as we believe in their potential in restoring our patient’s smile in the best way possible. So to help them consider the procedure, we listed down the reasons why undergoing a dental implant procedure should not be much of a concern.

  • Believe it or not, the procedure is minimally invasive because of the careful planning made in advance. To make this possible, x-rays will be taken for the dentists to determine the best spots on where to place the implant posts. It also serves as the guide on where the incisions will be made.
  • Our dentist at Bosler Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry can assure patients that the procedure will go smoothly and comfortably. Not only do we use local anesthetics, but we also took advantage of sedation dentistry options like oral sedation to make patients feel at ease and their dental experience more pleasant.
  • One of the reasons why patients tend to be fearful of the dental procedure is the thought of pain after the surgery. Dentists who perform the placement of dental implants follow planning and implementations so there will only be minor discomfort. Dentists may even prescribe painkillers to help patients feel much better and recover quickly.


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