Root Canal Treatment: Know the Truth Behind

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A lot of people hate undergoing dental procedures. One of the most common dental procedures that a person fear is undergoing root canal treatment because it uses drills. The drill is used to create an opening in the crown of the tooth to remove the pulp and have the insides of it be cleaned. Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp inside is infected. 

By knowing the truth behind Root Canal treatment, anxiety and fear will be reduced. Thus, we have provided a list of common myths and facts everyone should know.

root canal surgery

  • Root canal treatment is very painful

Root canal treatment is not as painful as you may think. Thanks to the advancement in dental care, sedation dentistry is available, making the patient comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. 

  • Tooth extraction is better than undergoing root canal treatment

Most of the dentist would prefer that the patient should undergo root canal treatment to preserve the affected teeth rather than extracting it out entirely. If the extracted area on the tooth is not replaced, it will later on result to several dental problems such as misalignment of the teeth, bone loss, and more.

  • Root canal treatment is not needed for a dead tooth

Even though a dead tooth does not cause a person to experience pain or sensitivity to temperature changes – a root canal treatment or tooth extraction is necessary. With root canal treatment, the spreading of bacteria inside the tooth can be prevented.

  • Root canal treatment causes cancer

There is a study of one of the dentists spreading on the internet that a root canal treatment can cause cancer. However, this assumption is not proven right. Root canal treatment does not cause cancer. Undergoing a root canal treatment can reduce the risk of the patient acquiring several dental problems.

  • After the treatment, the pain will immediately vanish

Some people would assume that after undergoing root canal treatment, the pain will quickly go away. The pain will not immediately disappear, but it is usually reduced in the following days or weeks. The slight pain can be remedied by over-the-counter pain reliever. It is recommended to chew lightly on the tooth that has undergone root canal treatment until the pain or discomfort has diminished.

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