The Do’s and Don’ts of Bad Breath – Vacaville, CA

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Bad breath is an oral issue that places not just the overall dental health in danger but the everyday life of a person too. Although there are different factors that aggravate oral malodor, there is only one way to mend or minimize the said condition: observe its do’s and don’ts.




The Do’s Of Bad Breath

The following are the things that everyone should practice regularly to combat or reverse bad breath:

Got dentures? Clean them.

Teeth replacements are artificial; yet, they too need to be taken care of like the original teeth. Dentures, for instance, can collect bacteria when left uncleaned. These microorganisms will then cause the person’s breath to stink. Cleaning the restorative device at night is recommended to clear away any food particles that had accumulated during the day.


Whether you want to prevent oral malodor or keep your body healthy, drinking plain water is a big help. Dry mouth is one of the contributors of bad breath so maintaining the flow of saliva in the mouth is needed. If you find it tricky to keep up with the habit of drinking water regularly, use some tricks for yourself. Every time you hear your classmates or colleagues call your name, sip water.

Upgrade your oral hygiene—it works

We cannot stress how important good dental hygiene is. Anyone who experiences bad breath should boost their oral care routine. Instead of switching to a new toothbrush after three months, why not replace your frayed brush right away? Brushing is helpful and so is flossing. Make it a habit to floss at least once a day. When rinsing the mouth, choose a mouthwash that is free from alcohol.


The Don’ts Of Bad Breath

On the flip side, here are the practices that everyone needs to ditch to achieve a fresher breath:

Do not neglect dental visits

Bad breath can either occur occasionally or persistently. Oral malodor that takes place on a daily basis is called halitosis. Sadly, the tips above cannot cure halitosis. The only way for a person to get rid of chronic bad breath is by getting treatments from the dentist. At Bosler Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, halitosis treatment is available. Feel free to set an appointment with us.

Do not forget your tongue

The tongue holds multitudinous bacteria. Cleaning it with a scraper can reduce the risk of a person to suffer from bad breath, therefore. Depending on your preference, there are cleaning tools designed specifically for the tongue. Toothbrushes sometimes have a built-in scraper as well—you can take advantage of them too.


For more tips and facts about bad breath, talk to us at  Bosler Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry. If you are struggling with oral malodor, have it treated with our Halitosis Treatment in Vacaville, CA. We are located at 301 Alamo Drive, Suite A-2, Vacaville, CA 95688.