The Guide to Getting New Dentures – Vacaville, CA

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The common restoration option for people who experience tooth loss is dentures. Although it has been available for many years, people still find it to be the ideal solution for their dental woes. The advances in technology did not only brought in the emergence of various restoration options, but also the improvement of traditional solutions to meet the modern demand of patients.

New patients may find deciding and getting dentures quite a long, complicated process. But it can be easier if they will schedule a consultation with a dental professional. Opinions and recommendations can be provided, so patients are assured to get the best outcome. We at Bosler Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry know that every patient has their specific needs which is why evaluation is vital. For our patients to get the most out of their new denture experience, here is a guide we prepared.


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Need for Dentures

The usual reasons why patients need dentures are if they experience extensive cavities or advanced gum disease. Although there are other means to save the teeth, once it is already too late, extraction is the solution. It is performed to prevent the problem from spreading further and affect any adjacent structures. Losing a tooth or two means that there is a need for restoration to avoid potential complications and changes; dentures can be the best choice, therefore.


Pros and Cons

As with any other dental procedures, it is normal for dentures to have some good or bad things. Patients deciding whether dentures are ideal for them should consider these:

  • Pros: Dentures can be the practical solution for people who need all their teeth restored. Since dentures are customized to resemble natural teeth, patients are assured that their new teeth would look natural and even more beautiful than their original pearly whites. A perfectly fitting appliance can improve the look of a patient by providing better support for their lips and cheeks.
  • Cons: Although dentures are artificial, patients should still practice or improve the same oral care routines they have with their natural teeth. Eating with dentures is quite challenging, but it is only normal for it cannot compare to the full function of the original chompers. Eventually, patients would need to have their dentures replaced to get a better fit.

Proper Maintenance

  • Keep them moist at all times. If not in use, try to soak it in a cleaning solution or just plain water. Remember not to use hot water for it can warp the appliance beyond wear.
  • Although dentures are designed to be durable, patients should handle them with extra care to avoid it from being damaged, especially when cleaning and eating.
  • Clean the oral device properly every day. Just like teeth, food and other particles can still get stuck in between the fake teeth making it vulnerable to stains and bad breath. Patients are also less likely to experience gum disease if done properly.


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