Teeth Whitening

Having confidence in your smile is a huge part of feeling positive about your appearance. Since your smile is one of the first things people see when they first meet you, knowing that it is bright and beautiful can help you act with self-assurance.

Teeth Whitening Overview

Your teeth can become discolored by various things, many of which are difficult to avoid. Food is the most common cause, with coffee, tea, soda, red wine, tobacco use and aging contributing as well. We are proud to offer Lumibrite®, Opalescence and Zoom whitening so you can enjoy the brilliance of a renewed smile.

Teeth Whitening Comparisons

Zoom In-Office Whitening

Time: Only 45 minutes for the procedure

Improvement: Average of 8 shade difference!

Details: See the results right away Lasts longer than other whitening options Discoloration less likely to return Comfortable and reliable Professionally applied

Whitening Kits

Time: May take between 7-14 days

Improvement: Around 6 shade difference

Details: Easy, personalized whitening trays Results may take time to show

Whitening Strips
or Paint-On Gel

Time: May take between 7-30 days

Improvement: Around 3-4 shade difference

Details: May not whiten consistently Results may take time to show

Whitening Toothpaste

Time: May take a month
or more

Improvement: Around 1-2 shade difference

Details: Discoloration may return if you switch to a different toothpaste Only targets surface-level discoloration

How Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Work?

Zoom teeth whitening is different from other, more common teeth whitening options. Conducted by our cosmetic dentist at our office, this option can lighten your smile in less than 60 minutes. Comfortable and safe, this professional teeth whitening procedure can change the color of your teeth by eight shades! During the appointment:

  • Only your teeth are targeted, leaving your gums and lips protected from discomfort.
  • Our dentist will remove discoloration from the teeth using the revolutionary Zoom whitening gel in correlation with the powerful Zoom light system, which is more accurate that traditional bleaching trays.
  • The process may be repeated three to four times, in small 15-minute sessions, during the appointment.

Once the whitening is complete, you may be given additional whitening trays to touch up any areas that need additional bleaching.

What is Invisalign Express?

For patients with only minor orthodontic issues, such as minor crowding or spacing, a less intensive treatment plan may be a better option. Invisalign Express addresses these minor concerns quickly, and most patients complete the entire treatment in less than six months.


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