General Dentistry

Creating Beautiful, Healthy Smiles

Good oral health is essential at every age. This being said, an individual’s dental needs and concerns tend to change in different stages of life. At Dr. Bruce Bosler’s full-service dental practice, all patients — from the youngest to the oldest — can expect high-quality dental treatment and care customized to their needs.

Voted Best Dentist in Solano County seven years in a row, Dr. Bosler is the dentist patients in Vacaville, Solano County and the Bay Area, California, trust for comprehensive dental care. He combines his extensive training and knowledge with a personable, friendly approach to make every patient feel at ease as they receive treatment.

Pediatric Dentistry

Having 11 children of his own and nine grandchildren, Dr. Bosler understands how important early positive experiences at the dentist are in ensuring lifelong good oral hygiene. That is why he offers patients in Vacaville specialized pediatric dentistry services. You should schedule your baby’s first dental appointment soon after their first tooth emerges but no later than their first birthday. When you bring your baby to our office, Dr. Bosler will educate you on good oral hygiene tips to practice at home with your baby. Like adults, children and teenagers should visit their dentist for a regular checkup every six months. During your child’s dental exam, our team will examine their teeth and gums to ensure they are developing properly. Our friendly team will put your child at ease, answering any questions they may have and showing them the proper way to brush and floss. We offer an array of pediatric and restorative dental services, including dental sealants, fluoride treatments and dental fillings.

Prenatal Dental Care

Pregnancy comes with many responsibilities, including staying on top of one’s oral health. Expectant mothers are advised to not overlook their oral health as the hormonal changes in their bodies brought on by pregnancy can put their (and their baby’s) oral health at risk. During your appointment, Dr. Bosler will examine your teeth and gums and check for any dental issues. X-rays are safe during pregnancy, and our team will cover you with a leaded apron that minimizes exposure to the abdomen.


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